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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 7:20 am

Rumours On Satyaraj’s Daughter

Rumours On Satyaraj’s Daughter
The rumours on star kids are very common in the film industry. The recent rumour in Tamil film industry is that actress Rekha and Senior actor Satya Raj’s daughter is going to enter the films but we have come to know that there is no truth in the rumours. Actress Rekha has opened up about the same and revealed that acting is not happening in her daughter’s life.

Rekha who was shot to fame with EN Bommakutti Ammavukku, Puriyada Pudir and other films is busy with the shooting of a new film called Keni. The film also stars Jayapradha, Revathi, Anu Hassan, Nassar in the lead roles.

Rekha who is staying away from the films is back to the film industry with this new film. She is very much happy with the way the things are progressing around her career and has clarified that her daughter is not going to enter into the films anytime soon. She also requested everyone to not to believe such rumours.

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