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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:28 pm

Sai Dharam Tej Shocks Tammareddy With His Answer

Sai Dharam Tej Shocks Tammareddy With His Answer
Responding to a controversy is always a tough thing for a celebrity.  Whenever they voice their opinions, it may take another turn and it can be blown out of proportion.  Sometimes, it can add fuel to the fire as well.  But Mega family hero Sai Dharam Tej proved himself to be diplomatic when he was asked to respond to a controversial question.

It is known that a Telugu MLA recently made vulgar comments on movie heroines that they change their husbands daily.  Most of the film celebrities fired on the MLA for the senseless comments.  When filmmaker Tammareddy Bharadwaja recently interviewed Sai Dharam Tej, he asked the same question.  Teju replied "I feel so happy.  They are talking something about our industry, our guys."  Tammareddy didn't expect this kind of answer from Teju. Shocked by his answer he joked that "You are a bad guy.  I can't stay in the industry where people like you are present."

Continuing the topic Teju said "Sir.. he made comments to attract some controversy. It's not right to make the issue big with our controversial comments. His comments don't hold any value.  In such a situation, why should we react to his comments? My mother told me that people throw more stones on glass houses. So, we should make our glasses strong."

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