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Sai Dharam Teju Is Taking A Big Risk!

Sai Dharam Teju Is Taking A Big Risk!
Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej career is going through dull phase now.  He has disapponted with everybody with films like 'Thikka'.. 'Winner'.  He is not in a position to afford another flop now.  Usually heroes try for hit directors when they are suffering failures likes him.  But Teju is signing films without considering the track record of directors.

It is really surprising because Teju is doing 'Jawaan' with BVS Ravi now.  He has delivered a utter flop like 'Wanted' earlier.  On the other hand, he is getting ready for his next film in the direction of Karunakaran.  Teju who is known for his mass entertainers right from the beginning of his career is going to do a love story for the first time.

Director Karunakaran track record is not that impressive. Whenever someone talks about his films they need to talk about his debut film 'Toli Prema'.. he couldn't make another film in the same standard till now. Even though he has directed films like 'Vasu'.. 'Ullasamha Utsahamga'.. they are average films.. all the other films are flops. Even his last film 'Chinnadana Neekosam' also disappointed at the box office.

Karunakaran has tried to do a movie with hero Ram recently but the movie couldn't materilize.  But he has finally impressed Teju with a love story.  Producer is yet to be finalized for this film.  It is interesting to see how Karunakaran will present a mass hero like Teju in a love story

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