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Thursday 20 September, 2018, 11:04 pm

Sai Pallavi Angry Over 'Malayalee' Comment

Sai Pallavi Angry Over 'Malayalee' Comment
Sai Pallavi who was shot to fame with the Malayalam film Premam became a star heroine with just one film in Telugu. The success of Fidaa made her attain the star status and she is now looking forward to more interesting projects. The actress is busy with Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam projects now.

There were rumours in the recent past that the actress is having an affair with a Tamil hero. Many media houses wrote that the actress is going to marry the hero but the actress remained silent on the issue. But she is now showering anger on a particular news item where they wrote Sai Pallavi as a Malayalee beauty. Sai Pallavi stated that she is a Tamilian but not a Malayalee and requested everyone to treat her as a Tamil girl.

The actress is slowly making it big in Tamil. She recently grabbed the heroine role in Maari 2 starring Dhanush and many other producers are also looking forward to collaborating with her.

On the works front, the actress is currently busy with Nani's MCA. Venu Sriram is the director and Dil Raju is the producer.

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