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Saturday 24 February, 2018, 7:34 am

Sai Pallavi is one piece!

Sai Pallavi is one piece!
Like Sai Pallavi’s character Bhanumathi calls herself a “one piece” in Fidaa, the actress is quite a unique person in real life too! While it is common for actresses to be spotted at a retail launch after getting even a wee bit famous, a source tells us that the actress is in no mood to do the same. What’s more interesting though, are her reasons for it!

“When asked if she would attend a mall opening, Sai Pallavi downright refused, despite the huge money, saying, ‘I don’t like such things. I will come for hospital openings, charity events and welfare activities.’ Surprisingly, she said that she is ready to do it for free provided she gets the time!” reveals a source.

The actress’ popularity has sky rocketed since her role in Fidaa, but she is in no mood to cash in on it. As she said recently, “I aspire to become a doctor. That’s my aim. But I will keep doing films as long as something interesting is offered to me.  

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