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Salman Suggested Charan Not To Act As A Hero?

Salman Suggested Charan Not To Act As A Hero?
Released in 2013, Ram Charan's Bollywood debut Zanzeer tanked miserably and left a bad memory for the Mega Power Star and Mega fans. Even though Charan was supposed to act in Ashutosh Gowariker's Mohenjo Daro, the combination didn't work out and the film later went in Hrithik's hands. Apparently, Charan's big brother Salman Khan suggested Charan against acting in a solo Bollywood film soon.

Now, latest buzz reveals that Charan is all set to make a Bollywood comeback with the remake of Tamil blockbuster Thani Oruvan, which stars Salman Khan in the main lead. Apparently, Salman will be playing Jayam Ravi's role while Charan will reprise Arvind Swamy's role. This way, Charan can again make his presence felt in Bollywood, without the burden of being a solo hero.

However, Charan is not bothered with Zanzeer's flop. Speaking to a popular Bollywood portal, Charan said, "I am certainly not put off by the failure of Zanzeer. In fact, I'll be doing another Hindi film very soon. Once experience can't put me off Bollywood for a lifetime." If everything falls into place, the remake will kick start in 2016.

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