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Samantha Learns Lessons From Rajamouli School

Samantha Learns Lessons From Rajamouli School
Audience were thrilled watching 'Baahubali: The Conclusion' movie. Crores of people are yet to watch.. and they are eager to watch the film.  Going by the euphoria surrounding the film, 'Baahubali 2' tsunami will continue for few more days.  When everybody is watching the wonders in the movie, Tollywood beauty Samantha has learnt lessons by taking pen & paper.

She posted a tex image in the twitter that "I sat in my knowing exactly what I'm going to witness. the title of 'India's biggest film' was already in the bag. With my pen and paper I sat to took notes on 'some lessons for life'.

The school i.e., Rajamouli says,
1) I Listen: No person's point of view is too small.  Every small unanswered question and request from the first part magnificently answered in the second

2) I Share: When I watch this team both on screen and off screen, I feel like they will all take a bullet for each other. They did it together. The pain, the effort, the determination, the good days, bad days, they are the greatest example of the togetherness.

3) I succeeded: Because failure is not an option, I don't know how to fail.

Thank you Team #Baahubali and as for the film 'The Holy mother of that just brought a whole new meaning to the word EPIC'."

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