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Friday 21 September, 2018, 8:37 am

Samantha Spent a Week Without a Phone

Samantha Spent a Week Without a Phone
Ram Charan and Samantha are giving their best shot to Sukumar's period love story despite working in inhospitable conditions. They have wrapped up another lengthy schedule in and around Rajamundry for their movie "Rangasthalam 1985".

Some key scenes were recently filmed in interior tribal areas in Rampachodavaram forest area, which lacks even basic infrastructure. But Charan and Samantha didn't complain about lack of facilities and have finished their work.

Enjoying a beautiful sunset sitting on the banks of Godavar, Samantha tweeted that she spent a week without a phone.

"Not so bad. Can I do it again?," she tweeted. She seems to have enjoyed working for this movie. " In the end the heat, the exhaustion the pain nothing matters," she said.

Both Charan and Samantha, who are playing as lovers of 1985 period, are back in Hyderabad after finishing off the Rajamundry shoot.

The love story is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers. The film is gearing up for Sankranthi 2018 release. Devi Sri Prasad is providing the music.

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