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Sameera Reddy engaged, wedding in 2014

Sameera Reddy is engaged. And the guy in her life is Akshai Varde, who runs a company that builds custom-made bikes. A source says, "Akshai and Sameera were introduced by a common friend and they hit it off really well. They both have a common passion — bikes and biking — and they bonded over it. After a year of dating, the two got engaged on December 14, which also happens to be the Vaaranam Aayiram girl's birthday. The engagement ceremony was a family affair."

Sameera confirms the news to us and says, "I'm really happy with the turn of events. We got engaged in December because my sister had come down from Greece, and his folks were there, too."

We hear a 2014 wedding is on the cards. Though Akshai comes from a corporate background, he has a filmi connect as well. His company designed Akshay Kumar's bike in OMG! Oh My God, and also worked on Balakrishna's superbike in his film, Legend.

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