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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:27 pm

Sampoo goes sleeveless for Androidu

Sampoo goes sleeveless for Androidu
Apparently hero Sampoornesh Babu has become a super star post his appearance at #APSpecialStatus call in Vizag. Since then buzz around his films is also getting a high.

In this new still from the film "Androidu", here is how Sampoornesh looks actually. Posing in a sleeveless outfit with a new hairstyle, a long one with a pony on the back, Sampoo actually looks very uber and urbane. Probably this is one of the character he plays in the movie as he will be seen in three avatars in the movie.

After the super success of "Hrudaya Kaleyam", Sampoo is eyeing yet another big success through Androidu.

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