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Sampoo's Picture Perfect Moment With PSPK

Sampoo's Picture Perfect Moment With PSPK
Power star Pawan Kalyan's latest release Agnyaathavaasi which came out with high expectations became a disaster at the box office and disappointed the fans. However, Pawan Kalyan started the Praja Yatra to make his fans happy. So many fans are joining Pawan Kalyan on this event that took place on Monday in Telangana which became a huge success. Even some of the movie celebrities also coming forward to support Pawan.

Especially Mega heroes like Ram Charan, Sai Dharam Tej and also Varun Tej posted Jai Janasena on social media and extended their support to their uncle. Now comedy Hero Sampoornesh Babu also joined this list. He recently met Pavan and even took a picture with him and posted the photo on social media which instantly went viral.

Sampoo captioned the pic that he has finally met the leader and his words are really inspiring. He added that they will follow him in his path and ended with Jai Hind. That post also became popular among the Pawan fans. On the other hand Pawan Kalyan is trying hard to impress the people and is screaming out slogans such as Jai Telangana.

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