Sarkar clips scenes to make peace

Thalapathy Vijay’s Diwali offering Sarkar has been running into controversies since last Thursday afternoon with several politicians protesting against the film. The ruling party cadres went on to tear banners of the movie in theatres, demanding that specific scenes be removed.

Objections were against a scene in which the name of the antagonist played by Varalaxmi was uttered and another in which the director of the film AR Murugadoss himself throws ‘Jaya’ freebies into the fire. The name Komalavalli may have been one of several given to the late chief minister Jayalalithaa in the naming ceremony when she was a child. The freebies in the fire scene was bound to evoke strong criticism. The Sarkar team acceded to make the necessary changes and the film was re-censored and shows on screens from Friday evening.

While some high profile stars like Rajini, Kamal and Vishal extended their support for Sarkar, a few producers like SR Prabhu and CS Amudhan had called it ‘more free publicity for Sarkar’.

RK Selvamani: The industry body Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) has supported director AR Murugadoss. In a statement RK Selvamani, president of FEFSI, said, “I spoke to ARM. He says that he has not named any particular government but all the governments which ruled in the past 30 years who have made the people lose their dignity and self-respect by offering them freebies. In that sense, it should be viewed only as the creative freedom of a creator (filmmaker) and I request the TN government, minsters and AIADMK cadres to view it in the same manner and restore peace in Sarkarissue.”  

Kamal Haasan: The actor-politician was one of the first from the industry to voice his support for Sarkar.  He said, “Using pressure tactics through its dictatorial power to disrupt a duly censor certified film like Sarkar is not something new to this government. A government that cannot take criticisms will eventually be ruined. These people, who are after power, will perish one day. The virtuous people will win.”

Rajinikanth: It is illegal to protest against a film that has been censored. It is not fair to stop the film screening, stage protests to remove scenes from the film, and damaging the banners in front of the theatres. I strongly condemn this act.

Vishal: Police in Director Murugadoss s home? For what? Hoping and really hoping that nothing unforeseen happens. Once again. Censor has cleared the film and public watches the content. Then why all this hue and cry? (The high court has directed the police not to arrest AR Murugadoss till November 27 while ruling on his anticipatory bail plea.)

Karunas: Sarkar has totally exposed the horrible status of the present government and brought awareness to people. Does the AIADMK government want to cover up and divert the attention by indulging in violence? I strongly condemn those who are trying to sabotage the film - which has duly got the censor clearance - using their wily political ways.

PA. Ranjith: The way they misuse government power and get into violent mode itself shows that democracy died long back here.   

CS Amudhan: I strongly object to the fact that we were not given similar publicity (when spoof movie Padam 2). We also tried our best!  This is totally partisan behaviour. #IStandWithSarkaar.

SR Prabhu: Creating controversy out of scenes approved and cleared by the Censor Board, comes under publicity for the film. That too free publicity!

RD Raja: After a film got censor certification and got released, removing certain scenes and getting it re-censored is against democracy and law. Re-censoring of Sarkarshould have been avoided and we should bring an end to this trend.
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