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Shahrukh Khan share his phone number

Shahrukh Khan share his phone number
Many people are upset with Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan. You might be thinking why are they upset with King Khan? Shah Rukh has taken up a promotional programme for his latest film 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' recently.  He started answering the questions which have been searched by the netizens in Google regarding him.  He has choosen few questions among them already.  One of the question is 'What is Shah Rukh's phone number?'

Shah Rukh Khan purposefully gave a misleading answer to this question. He said that 5559960321 is his mobile number. He said that anybody call him on this number. He also said that if he doesn't pick the call, he will at least text them.  That has lead to the criticism. Because no mobile number in India starts with '5' digit series.  He has clearly fooled everybody with his invalid phone number.

On the other hand, he answered other questions in a normal way.  

Did Shah Rukh pierce a tattoo? :   'I have pierced it temporarily.. I'm scared of tattoos.  

Does Shah Rukh have a private jet? :  No.. It's my dream to buy a jet and watch a film in it.

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