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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 8:11 am

She Fears Getting Caught Without Makeup

She Fears Getting Caught Without Makeup
Life of a heroine is pretty strange if one has to maintain that artistic glamorous look all the time. That's the reason some dusky heroines never chose to appear in public without wearing makeup.

Few times, the likes of Sonam Kapoor and Priyamani, however, leaked their no-makeup look too, at the times when they are holidaying. Some heroines, however, prefer not to appear before cameras at all without makeup, even if it is a selfie with friends.

For example, take this heroine who was hyped to be part of a big hero's project but later replaced. She actually wears makeup on every occasion, including in the morning when she goes to the gym or in the evening where she chills out at a pool.

Recently when she went for a vacation with friends, she thought of sharing some hot pictures of her like all other heroines who do it on the social network to grab attention. But at what price? She can't sacrifice her makeup. Even when chilling out on a beach bench, she made sure that her face is covered with layers of makeup, such that those black circles around the eyes and those pimples will be unseen.

Poor girl!! In the name of thriving for a career in glamour industry, if one can't be herself even at vacations where they hang out with friends, there is no point in talking about internal beauty.

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