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She Lost Excess Weight, Gained Offers!

She Lost Excess Weight, Gained Offers!
Gujarati beauty Nikesha Patel is disappointed with the way her career shaped up even though she debuted to Tollywood with Pawan Kalyan film.  As she didn't get any more offers in Telugu after 'Puli' she went to Bengaluru to test her luck in Kannada films.  She has done a few Kannada films.  She got Tamil film offers later. But she couldn't make it big in her career.

Nikesha didn't appear in any film event in the past few months so many people thought that she might be busy with some abroad shoot.  But she has surprised everybody by appearing in a slim look suddenly.  When she was quizzed about her transformation she told that  "I've put on some weight if I compare myself with my earlier days in the film industry.  Then I understood why I'm not getting the roles I'm expecting.  I got a clarity that unless I change my look I don't get good offers.  Then I started workouts and shed 10 kgs of excess weight."

Luckily the film industry is impressed with her transformation.  Nikesha is saying that she is getting good offers now.  She got an offer in Guntur Talkies sequel.  She got another offer in the remake of Malayalam film '100 degree Celsius'.  Apart from these two films, she got an offer in a Telugu-Tamil bi-lingual. Nikesha is saying that she is very happy with the offers now.

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