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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:11 am

Shocker: Tollywood Shut Down From March 1st

Shocker: Tollywood Shut Down From March 1st
In what could be seen as another shocker, Telugu Film Industry has yet again called for a shut down of the industry, this time not the production alone, but also they want to shut the theatres. Wonder what is happening, here it goes.

Way back in 2010, when talks between Production Council and Film Employees failed in relation to hiking of wages, Tollywood witnessed a massive shut down. Cut to now, we hear that the way Digital Service Providers are behaving, Telugu industry biggies are completely upset with it.

With film-based projection system no more in place, almost all the films are relayed through data in a hard disk and a password to play the film should be entered online. This 'digital' process is provided by players like Scrabble (formerly Qube), UFO and PXD etc. We hear that these digital service providers are not going in accordance with the decisions taken by Producers Council and to protest their monopoly, Film Chamber of Commerce has now called for a complete shut down of theatres from March 1st, 2018.

With some biggies like Rangasthalam, Bharat anu Nenu, Naa Peru Surya and 2 Point 0 set for a release after March, we have to see how DSPs are now going to respond on this strike call. Moreover, we have seen such strikes and shutdowns affecting the livelihood of many cinema-related business and people. Hope they would arrive at a quick solution.

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