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Shocking film stills of actress are heart-rending

Shocking film stills of actress are heart-rending
Two 'Dandupalyam-2' stills that are both disturbing and shocking are doing the rounds.  The naked woman in the pics, being harassed by her tormentors, apparently is Sanjjana Galrani.  No confirmation is there as of now, but social media has concluded that it's Sanjjana.

Directed by Srinivasa Raju, the film will hit the screens on July 21st.

'Dandupalyam' (2012) was true-to-life, complete with heart-rending visuals.  It seems the sequel is no less bold in its depiction of unfortunate violence against the women of oppressed classes we see in our society.  Mainly starring Pooja Gandhi and Raghu Mukherjee, the film has music by Arjun Janya.

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