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Shruti Applies So Much of Make-up to Cover It

Shruti Applies So Much of Make-up to Cover It
When asked about undergoing an alleged lip job, Shruti Haasan has recently shot back at her detractors saying she can do whatever with her body and face. Now, the hot lady has openly talked about regretting to have pierced her skin five times for tattoos.

During a recent TV show, when Shruti was asked if she would add another tattoo on her body, the 'Gabbar Singh' beauty said that she was done with tattoos.

"I already have five tattoos - on my wrist, behind my ear, on my foot, on my back and on my shoulder. I deeply regret having pierced all these. I am so embarrassed with the tattoo on my wrist that I have to put so much make-up on it in order to cover it," Shruti said with a feeling of disgust.

On work front, Shruti is currently sitting pretty much idle with not a single film in her kitty. Her latest Hindi film 'Behen Hogi Teri' also flopped.

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