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Silly Rumour Says This Bubbly Beauty

Silly Rumour Says This Bubbly Beauty
Rumours have become common these days. Almost every celebrity in the film industry might feel bad about the rumour at one point. Because of the growing craze for social media the rumours went to the next level. Every rumour coming in the media is going instantly viral on the social media.

Recently, am unexpected rumour came out about the bubbly beauty Namitha. The actress has recently lost some weight. As per the rumours this actress is getting ready to marry senior actor Sharath Babu soon which came out as a shock to the audience. How Namitha can marry Sharath Babu who is 60 years old has become a hot topic now.

However, Namitha immediately reacted on it and denied the rumours. She indirectly gave a counter that she is not understanding how silly rumours are coming out in the Tamil media. Namitha was last scene in Telugu with Balakrishna's Simha movie in 2010.

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