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Snake Love: Tollywood hero saved 3000+ snakes

Snake Love: Tollywood hero saved 3000+ snakes
Just like NTR's character 'Anand' in super hit Janata Garage who loves nature,  Tollywood hero Sai Kiran is a snake lover. Sai Kiran shot to fame with 'Nuvve Kavali' in the year 2000.  Even though he acted in few films he could not make it big in Tollywood. Coming to the present, he turned out to be a snake catcher.  In a recent interview Sai Kiran revealed interesting things about his hobby.

He said that "I was never scared of snakes from my childhood. When I was a kid, my school teacher explained us about earthworms and she said they will be useful in the preparation of compost. She suggested to place earthworms at the stems of the plants.  I was doing that and I caught hold of a small cobra.  My parents came out and killed it. Untill they explained me about it, I didn't know it was poisonous.  I felt bad as it was killed. In another incident I was coming back home, a snake was killed by people.

These incidents had impact on me and I started thinking that why are we unnecessarily killing snakes..even if they don't harm us?  Then I took snake catching training in an institute in Sainikpuri, which works for the protection of snakes. From then onward, I started saving them. I caught more than 3000 snakes till now.  I caught snakes in Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu homes.  I caught two snakes in Annapurna Studios till now.  Snakes bit me hundreds of times when I try to catch them.  But I was bit by a poisonous snake only once".

He is an active member of Friends Of Snakes,  a non-profit organizaton which works for the protection of Snakes.

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