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Something something between young heroine and director?

Something something between young heroine and director?
He is a pakka Andhra man and one who took direction courses in Canada. After returning he did a small budget movie which got critics acclaim. The director got awards too for the movie. Later he forayed into the commercial segment and then with off and on troubles has been working.

Most recently he got a hit with a popular hero and then his career went to fast track now. Now if you look closely into his career, he has been giving chance to one particular heroine. In fact he introduced her and that film ran well.

Since then there is no stopping in the friendship between the two. Whether she acts in his movies or not she is there all the time in his company. In the director's upcoming film teaser too she is seen. The lady is doing female lead in that. With all this grapevine is growing strong with rumours of something something between the two!

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