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Son Appreciates Directors, Dad Calls Producers

Son Appreciates Directors, Dad Calls Producers
The Allu's have a peculiar style of appreciating people. Allu Arvind is known for speaking facts upright whenever he has to talk about a film or a celebrity. And then there is Allu Arjun who sounds quite casual when talking about anything but his appreciations come right from the heart.

Other day with Jaya Janaki Nayaka getting thumping response at B and C centres, producer Miryala Ravinder Reddy got huge appreciation from his film industry colleagues. Especially he's stunned with Allu Arvind calling him and appreciating the way he poured money for this movie wisely and got that lavish look. After hearing this, many are connecting to other important phone calls made by Allu Arun as well.

After Subramanyam For Sale got a good response at the box office, Bunny called up Harish Shankar and appreciated him. Then we had him calling Vakkantam Vamsi as well after Temper story got all the attention. And he worked with Harish, now working with Vamsi. So, if dad calls producers, then his son is busy appreciating wannabe and upcoming directors.

We wonder if all those producers appreciated by Arvind finally end up making a movie with Allu Arjun with the director who gets praised by this hero in another phone call. On other side, this is a good nature to appreciate when someone does good work, here in this case, when someone scores a nice commercial hit.

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