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Sonam, The Fashionista Is Trolled Again!

Sonam, The Fashionista Is Trolled Again!
Sonam Kapoor is known to be the fashionista in Hindi Cinema Industry. She maintained that tag for so long that few times, she tried too hard to sell some absurd designs as fashion.

She found many criticisms for her sense of fashion and sometimes, weird dressing that she donned at the big events like Cannes Film Festival and other places.

Recently once again, social media got confused if they should appreciate her fashion sense or troll it hard. Many chose the second route and the actress ended up being trolled on social media.

She wore a formal outfit with chopped off pants that did not match with the make-up and look at all. It is called as Vera  Wang Gang outfit and she looked more funny in it than fashionable.

What do you think? Did she look really funny or people are being harsh? Tell us, what you felt in the comments below.

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