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Spyder shoot postponed again!

Spyder shoot postponed again!
Right from the first schedule to announcement of the title, everything that Mahesh's Spyder has team has planned has been getting delayed. Even the teaser launch has been late. The shoot and Visual Effects have taken more time than expected and now, the movie shoot is getting postponed again.

The film has completed all the shoot expect for a song and Visual Effects are also in the last stage. The producers have announced the release date of 27th September. The team has planned to shoot the song from 2nd of August to 8th of August in Romania. But they have postponed it to 20th of August as Rakul Preet Singh's visa got delayed. The actress has been busy with her Aiyaary shoot in London and she returned recently. She submitted documents late and the officials have denied to give Visa in one or two days time. So, the makers have decided to postpone the shoot.

Will they shoot the song in Romania or will they complete it as a set song we cannot say. But the sources suggested, whatever will be solution, they will complete it in-time and release the movie on the date announced. Anyways, many films have been completed one week before the release and this is just a song shoot so, they don't have to worry much.

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