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Spyder Shoot Stalled: Producer breaks silence!

Spyder Shoot Stalled: Producer breaks silence!
Reports are abuzz that Climax of 'Spyder' has been stalled for few days and the shoot resumed only after shifting the location from Hyderabad to Chennai. What could be the actual reason behind it?

Mahesh Babu resumed the shoot of 'Spyder' soon after returning from Goa vacation. Shoot began at NIMS in BB Nagar. Much to the shock of the unit, Locals and Politicians objected to the shooting of 'Spyder' at this location. Public questioned, 'How could permission be granted for film shooting when the construction is yet to complete?'.

Producer NV Prasad: 'We planned to shoot few crucial portions of 'Spyder' in NIMS. The legal issues related to the location came to our notice only after we began the shooting. To avoid any sort of disturbance, We decided to move to Chennai for canning those scenes. At present, Shooting is progressing at a fast pace'.

Team Spyder wishes to bring the movie to theaters on August 11th this year. Will this recent development delay the theatrical release further?

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