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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 6:50 pm

Sri Reddy's Sensational Post On Sex Racket

Sri Reddy's Sensational Post On Sex Racket

Sri Reddy told majority of the people hasn't believed her outcry when she fought against the Casting Couch and assumed it to be a publicity stunt. She appealed public to realize at least now why the movement was begun by her.

The Reddy Girl slammed Movie Artist Association for trying to apply make-up instead of offering solutions for the issues. She went on to say several Star Heroines & Struggling Actresses have been indulging in flesh trade for offers and luxurious life style.

Sri Reddy alleged Kishan Modugumudi will keep the profile pictures of Actresses who were available at a particular period as his WhatsApp DP. While sharing a picture of a Top Heroine wearing a jerkin and holding shopping bag, She wondered why Kishan placed it as his DP. A Picture of another Actress was shared by her saying it's the present India WhatsApp DP of Kishan. She dared to say D Grade Actresses are doing such cheap things for survival.

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