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Sri Reddy shocking comments on Nara Lokesh


Sri Reddy has made interesting comments on AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh, the son of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on social media site.

Controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy said, “I am not going to tolerate anyone those who will criticize Nara Lokesh.” Sri Reddy  who never forget to target Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena Party, said, “The new party can speak about their party agenda but criticizing  Nara Lokesh will not be acceptable. Do not give work to my mouth.”

Sri Reddy wrote on her facebook, “Nara lokesh garini yevaranna yemanna ante vurukunevaru evvaru leru.. kotha party yem chesthundho adhi cheppukondi anthe vimarsalu chesthe oppukunedhi ledhu..na notiki pani cheppodhu ..”

Though the actress did not take the name of Pawan Kalyan, but said, “The people  knows that your brother has done nothing for Tirupati.  They also knows how your brother has stabbed people in cinema and politics.”

 Sri Reddy wrote on the wall of Facebook, “Jagan Anna la orpu mekekkada vundhi??jagan Anna family lakshala mandhiki chasina sahayalu yevaru marchipoledhu.. Cinema dialogue kotti water thaginantha easy kadhu.. Me Anna rajakeeyalu,Me Anna cinimallo yenthamandhini thokkado evariki telidhu.. maa association lo card pk gari medha vunna gouravamtho me Anna naku ivvanivvatledhu..Me chalave kadha..”

 Again Sri Reddy wrote, “Me Anna Tirupati nunchi yennikaina tarvatha,5 yearslo kevalam oke okkasari tirupati ki vacharani,vallakosam single paisa karchu pettaledhani ,yekkada kuda Tirupati abhivrudhi gurinchi matladaledhani Tirupati prajala vuvacha..Chandra babu garu Tirupati lo teskochina projects,chesina abhivrudhi prajalandariki telusu..paalana pai avagahana lenivarini ennukoni thappu pani cheyodhani manavi..”

On the other-side, in April month,  Nara Lokesh, reacted to questions to media over his name being dragged unnecessarily in the controversy linked to Sri Reddy’s issue.  Nara Lokesh said that he was not familiar that Sri Reddy had launched a protest against the Casting Couch and defended stating that he lacked knowledge on films. Further, the Minister Nara Lokesh added, he heard the name of Pawan Kalyan in this issue and has also commented on it.

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