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Sridevi Responds On Jhanvi Affair

Sridevi Responds On Jhanvi Affair
Cine lovers are curious to know why Sridevi doesn't respond to the rumours which are doing rounds on her elder daughter Jhanvi even though she talks each and everything.  There was a talk in the recent past that Sridevi is going to launch an app to connect with the fans through which she will try to clarify the rumours.  But she has responded to a rumour even before the launch of such an app.  

Sridevi told that "The intensity of rumours on my daughter is increasing these days.  I have already told my two daughters that they have to face such a situation because they are star kids.. they have to move on with them whether they like it or not.  But I was upset with a rumour that my daughter Jhanvi is after hero Ranbir Kapoor.  Not even 1% of it is true.  What happened there is different from the rumours.  Then, I told my daughter that this kind of things will happen.  One way it is better for her because she will know that there will be bad along with the good."

Many people thought that Karan Johar would launch Jhanvi Kapoor.. but Sridevi is exploring several other options.  Some naughty netizens are commenting that just like she did 'Puli' and 'Mom' after rejecting so many good offers, she will make her daughter debut with a flop film!

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