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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:05 pm

Sridevi song; Vodka in hand; RGV's video!

Sridevi song; Vodka in hand; RGV's video!
Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma never shied away to shower his love on Sridevi. On many instances he told he's madly in love with Sridevi and that he is obsessed by her.

Now to show us a proof of how much he admires the senior actress, heroine Charmme shared a video on her Insta account.

Varma is seen seated on floor with a vodka glass watching Sridevi's song video with great admiration. The song was from Chaal Baaz movie. Charmme shot the video and shared it with the message: ?N the worshiper is here @rgvzoomin on the floor for @sridevi.kapoor .. ?

Ramuism n his fanism

Check out this video!

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