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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:33 pm

Star Hero Is Pressurized By The Big 4

Star Hero Is Pressurized By The Big 4
Continuous hits have catapulted him into Star hero league.  His career graph increased by leaps and bounds in the last four years.  He became a star hero without any backup but troubles started for him now.  Reports are coming out of the film circles that some star producers are pressurizing him to work in their banner.  If the hero yielded to the pressure of any star producer, then he will be locked in their banner to do continuous films.  His friends are cautioning him about this.  So, he is in big confusion how to proceed further with the situation.

He has already committed two films under the same banner. By the time he is trying to come out of that banner, he is pressurized by another star producer to work for him.  With this kind of pressure, his dates are being locked with the four big producers.  Similarly, those four big producers are joined together to lock the dates of that hero and other medium range heroes who are successful in the industry.  

This has become an unpleasant situation for other medium range producers in the film industry.  Their version is different.  They are saying that top production houses don't care about small heroes but when the same heroes taste success, they are locking them with continuous offers.  This has become a hot discussion in the industry right now.   We have to wait and see whether anyone can checkmate those top producers in near future because they are snatching away the successful heroes without giving a chance to other medium range producers.

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