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Star Telugu Heroine Is Lesbian?

Star Telugu Heroine Is Lesbian?
Quite rare we see unnatural (as it is termed in legal books) relationships in Telugu film industry though Bollywood is known for such carnivals. Here comes a mind-blogging rumour about a star heroine who is having some good releases lined-up in the coming days.

Despite tagging along with many heroes in the film industry, this newcomer starlet never got linked with any co-star or any other actor. And actually, she's always seen hanging out with an only select set of friends. Recently she revealed very openly that till date never she dated a boy or had any boyfriend in her life. 'I have no boyfriend till date and doesn't know which type of boy I do want' she said. But her revelations clubbed with the happenings around her are giving rise to new doubts.

From her last 3-4 foreign holiday trips, we could find out that she's always going on a tour with her friend, who is a girl. With only the same girl. And that led to doubts that if she's in a lesbian relationship with her. People who have seen these two together at various events even sounded similar doubts because of the proximity they flaunted.

Apparently, that other girl happens to be from film industry only but not-so-happening types. In Hollywood, we've beautiful heroine Kristen Stewart dating men for a while and later turned to a lesbian relationship. Is our heroine joining that American beauty? Only time will tell.

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