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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:44 pm

Story Behind Nani's Beard

Story Behind Nani's Beard
Hard work is something that is compulsory for any actor in the film industry. Along with hard work, the people here should also have some luck. Nani is one of the rare actors who work hard and the luck always favours him.

Nani is one actor who reached to all classes of audiences equally. He has scored back to back hits in the recent times. Ninnu Kori is his recent movie which became a hit and increased his market level. The film's writer Kona Venkat recently revealed an interesting trivia about the film. Apparently, Nani sported a beard in the film and everyone thought that it is a natural beard but Kona clarifies that it is an artificial beard. He revealed that it took three hours for fitting it to Nani daily on the sets.

An American has designed this beard specially for Nani. Nani is currently busy with the film MCA in the direction of Venu Sriram.

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