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Successful Director Lost 7 Cr. In Films!

Successful Director Lost 7 Cr. In Films!
Director Mahi V. Raghava shot to fame in Tollywood recently with the success of 'Anando Brahma'.  The small budget horror comedy made him one of the most sought after directors in Tollywood now.  'Anando Brahma' is made with a limited budget of Rs. 3 crores but the movie went on to collect three times the investment.  

Mahi is a successful director now but he has revealed in a recent interview that he has struggled a lot in the film industry for nearly a decade.  He said that he has lost nearly Rs.7 crores in the industry.  Mahi has produced three films till now and he has directed one of those films as well.  'Village Lo Vinayakudu'.. 'Kudirithe Kappu Coffee' turned out to be loss ventures.  He produced his third film 'Patashala' in his own direction and the result was no different.

He said he lost his hard earned money in films.  But he felt happy that he has tasted success finally with 'Anando Brahma'.  He revealed that he is planning to make a film based on his own love story soon.  

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