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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:23 pm

Suicide: Vijay's Mother Blames Wife, Wife Blames Vijay

Suicide: Vijay's Mother Blames Wife, Wife Blames Vijay
Comedian Vijay Sai's suicide is taking many turns with the family members of Vijay blaming Vijay's wife and TV actress Vanitha for his suicide, Vanitha has refuted all those allegations and made some counter allegations against Vijay.

Vijay's Selfie Video

In his selfie video which he had taken before suicide, Vijay made strong allegations against wife Vanitha and stated that his wife Vanitha, one guy Sasidhar and advocate Srinivas behind the reasons for his suicide. He stated that they (including his wife) have demanded him Rs 3 Crore to withdraw case against him filed by wife Vanitha. Vijay urged his father to see to it that justice is served and the culprit behind this death should be brought to book. Vijay even made shocking comments over his wife.

According to news reports, Vijay alleged that Vanitha and her mother were involved in flesh trade and he said he was found in his investigation. Vijay alleged that his wife had been demanding money.

Vijay's Mother's Version:

Vijay's mother blamed his wife Vanitha for troubling his son by taking away all his money and his daughter away from him. She alleged that Vanitha has taken away car, money and other valuable belongings from him a few days ago. She said that Vijay lodged a police complaint against his wife Vanitha. She blamed his wife totally for his death.

Vijay's Wife Vanitha's Version

Vanitha, who acted in Anumanaspadam film as second heroine and acted in a couple of TV serials, threw blame on Vijay Sai. She alleged that Vijay had been in a relationship with a woman which she claimed as the reason for their differences. Vanitha said that Vijay had harassed her and even beaten her when she questioned over his relationship with the woman. Vanitha said that Vijay had not given his money to her.

Meanwhile, the cops are doing through probe into the matter and booked case against Vijay's wife Vanitha for the abatement of suicide based on the prima facie. More details are yet to furnish.

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