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Sukumar's Sweet Warning To Actress, Why So?

Sukumar's Sweet Warning To Actress, Why So?
Director Sukumar is known for his sweet talks all the time though they are laced with a bit of straight forwardness. However, his comment directed at an upcoming actress other day has lead to a discussion in Film circles as to why he said it in the first place.

During the launch of "Darsakudu" audio launch other day, Sukumar has directed a comment at an aspiring actress Poojitha who is well known in short film circles. He praised her for acting skills, but said, "See Poojitha, I've given another big chance to you. You've to remember that". Many are thinking that Sukumar might have picked her for a small role in Rangasthalam 1985 as well and hence this comment. While the actress said "yes sir" in a humble manner, onlookers are reading this comment in other ways.

In a way, it indicates that Sukumar is expecting some reciprocation from the actress as he has given her a chance. But a big director of his stature need not ask that. At the same time, it also indicates that the actress has some ego issues and Sukumar tried to tame it publicly. Well, what is true?

Generally, Sukumar speaks and behaves positively with everyone and about everything, so let's take this comment as a simple routine line rather calling it as some 'sweet warning' like gesture.

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