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Sunil finally gets a right opportunity?

Sunil finally gets a right opportunity?
Comedian-turned hero Sunil has been journeying through the fluctuations ever since he decided to turn hero. The audiences have welcomed him as the hero but the producers and directors are confused in fetching him proper stories that can boost his nascent career towards complete heroic stardom.  

The fact is Sunil can never step back and return to the former ground of comic roles, and he has to move ahead with great force choosing strategic films until he completely grows as a commercial mass hero. As the actor is spending with no chances since his last movie ‘Bheemavaram Bullodu’, now according to a latest source he may be getting a proper chance which can fetch him a new image.

As per the fresh buzz in the industry, Sunil has been roped in for one of lead roles in the Telugu remake of Malayalam super hit film ‘Bangalore Days’. It is previously believed that the movie is being remade in Telugu with taking Samantha and Siddharth and now reportedly, Sunil may play a lead role as equal to actor Siddharth’s. Directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, the film seems to be a prospective propeller for actor Sunil.

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