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Sunil Finally Realizes, Changes His Way

Sunil Finally Realizes, Changes His Way
Telugu film industry is blessed with a fleet of comedians but no one could pose a real threat to ace comedian Brahmanandam until Sunil found a place in the hearts of Telugu audiences with his slang, comic timing and histrionics.

Just when Sunil's stardom as a comedian reached its zenith, he somehow caught with the 'Hero' bug. Well, several comedians including Brahmi played heroes in a few films but they never left comedian roles. Sunil on the other hand, bid adieu to comedian characters and focused entirely on hero roles. Although he had tasted success at the beginning of his career, it soon vanished and he has started delivering nothing but flops.

Heeding to the demand of movie lovers who have been missing his comedian avatar, Sunil seems to have finally taken the wise decision of returning to comedian roles.

'I will soon start doing comedian roles in other heroes' films. I won't stop doing hero roles though. I will do 2 films a year as hero and cater the remaining time for comedian roles in order to entertain audience as much as I can,' Sunil said in a recent interview.

The comedian-turned-hero is currently awaiting the release of 'Ungarala Rambabu', which will hit screens on September 15. The film doesn't have much buzz owing to Sunil's recent track record.

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