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Thursday 20 September, 2018, 11:03 pm

Sunil in Pawan Kalyan Film

Sunil in Pawan Kalyan Film
Ever since Sunil became a hero, film lovers have been missing his brand of comedy. More importantly, some of Sunil's finest roles have been in movies directed by his bosom buddy Trivikram Srinivas.

After Sunil became a hero, Trivikram stopped casting him in comic roles in his movies as he felt it would be unfair to use Sunil for his films when there were producers spending crores on movies with Sunil as hero.  But here’s good news for Trivikram-Sunil combo fans.

Pawan Kalyan would be doing a film with Trivikram Srinivas after his current film Katamrayudu is over. Trivikram is planning for the film and working on the script.

Industry sources say that Sunil would be doing a cameo in the movie. Considering that all characters penned by Trivikram for Sunil have gone on to become memorable ones, there’s no doubt that Sunil’s cameo would also be something special.

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