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Tuesday 20 February, 2018, 10:49 am

Sunny Leone's hot pic 'saves' Andhra farmer

Sunny Leone's hot pic 'saves' Andhra farmer
Imagine a ravishing pic 'saving' a farmer from 'dishti' (loosely translated into English as an evil eye).  That's happening, apparently.

As per a media report, Chenchu Reddy, a farmer from Nellore's Banda Kindi Palle village, decided to put up a large portrait of Sunny Leone at his 10-acre field.  He admittedly did that to protect his bumper crop of vegetables from the 'dishti' of onlookers.

Sunny is seen saying this much on the poster: 'Orey!  Nannu chusi edavaku ra'.

What if Chenchu Reddy were to have an ultra-bumper crop in future?  Is he going to arrange a screening of the hot damsel's most-loved videos?

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