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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:37 am

Sunny.. Nisha and Twins!

Sunny.. Nisha and Twins!
Whatever Sexy actress Sunny Leone does is a sensation.  Wherever she goes, she will become the center of attraction. Recently Sunny was spotted in Mumbai Airport along with her family.  It is known that Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber have adopted a girl named Nisha.  They became parents again to twin kids through surrogacy in March 2017.  They have named it as Asher and Noah.

Sunny Leone and her family was seen exiting from the Mumbai Airport recently.  She shared her family pics through the media and wrote that "Either Daniel or I didn't know that we are going to have this kind of a good family. It appears to be the God's plan.  We are delighted to get three kids like miracles.  Ours has become a complete family now."

Sunny Leone started off her career as a porn star and she became a popular actress in Bollywood later.  She has been giving inspiration to many people by making her family beautiful.

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