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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 12:55 pm

Superstar Rajni For Superstar Film

Superstar Rajni For Superstar Film
Rajanikanth is known as All-India Superstar due to his persona and box office potential. He has many fans than any other hero in India and he managed to create a cult for himself as they call him God.

But the man behind the image is a simpleton and great lover of films. He likes to visit at least the movies that have become sensational at the box office every now and then.

He closely watches Telugu and Tamil blockbusters that earn huge name. Rajanikanth showed interest in watching Bharat Ane Nenu it seems.

The movie has collected more than 2.35 crores in Tamil Nadu and it is highest for any Telugu Cinema in the state.

So, Superstar heard about it and when he got to know that Mahesh is a CM, he immediately asked for a show, it seems.

Soon, the producers are making arrangements to make the private screening happen for Superstar flm.

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