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Suriya signs Rs 250 Crore Project?

Suriya signs Rs 250 Crore Project?
'Baahubali' stood as the costliest film in India until 'Robo 2.0' went on floors. Shankar planned the sequel to 'Robo' with a budget close to Rs 350 crore. Now, Pre-Production Work of one more high-budget venture is in full swing down South.

Director Sundar C Kumar (Something Something fame) wishes to make a lavish film on par with 'Baahubali'. The budget of this mythological flick is anywhere around Rs 250 crore. Thendral Films wishes to produce this craziest project with Tamil Star Suriya as the 100th film on their banner. Official announced about this venture is yet to be made.

Actually, The market of Tamil films is much bigger than Telugu movies. Even though Telugu films have an upper hand over Kollywood in the country, There is a vast difference when compared to Overseas market. For TFI, USA is the only territory were its films run so well. Whereas, Tamil films do well in Malaysia, China, UK, Australia and other Nations. With 'Theri' & '24', Kollywood even conquered USA now. So, Big-Budget Ventures are more commercially viable in Tamil Film Industry.

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