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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:45 pm

Surprise: Arjun Reddy Turns YS Jagan Reddy

Surprise: Arjun Reddy Turns YS Jagan Reddy

It is the role that attracts Vvijay Ddeverakonda not the big banners and star directors. Vijay has done many cameos and guest appearances almost equal to the number of films with him in lead.

The sensational actor is at it again and to everyone's surprise, vijay is reportedly playing the role of YS Jagan in the YSR biopic Yatra with malayalam star Mammootty in YSR's role.

Though not so prominent role, Vijay agreed to appear in Savitri biopic, turned out to be a huge blockbuster. Now in YSR biopic, Vijay is playing YS Jagan and we are sure he is going under the skin of the latter with an ease. His role is expected to be appearing in many crucial scenes in film and particularly these scenes in the end, that has to show after effects of YSR's sudden demise in a helicopter crash.

The complete details about his are not revealed yet, but the news that Vijay is on board has gained an extra attention to the film.

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