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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:44 am

Sweety is always a beauty even if she turned + size!

Sweety is always a beauty even if she turned + size!
Even though there are several beauties in Tollywood, Anushka has a speical place among them as she is a rare beauty.  Anushka is known for her perfect figure, which is attributed to her yoga practice. As Anushka is part of big projects, she is appearing in films rarely these days.  When she made public appearances in the recent past, she appeared plus size. But audience are saying that she is still a beauty.

It is known that Anushka has put on some weight for Size Zero movie. Even though she got rid of some extra weight after that for Bahubali-2,  she is appearing fat once again.  Some people are saying that she has put on weight again for her new film.  As Anushka is known as a fitness freak she will not unnecessarily put on weight..

Anushka is appearing heavy in Singam 3 trailers.  Apart from Singam 3 and Bahubali-2 Anushka has signed 'Bhagmati'. Pilla Zamindar fame Ashok is the director of this film.  She is appearing as Quli Qutb Shah's lover Bhagmati. So.. some are saying that she has become chubby once again to play the role of Bhagmati.  Whatever be the case, fans are sayig Sweety is always a beauty.

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