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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:40 pm

Talented Director In Varma's Net?

Talented Director In Varma's Net?
With just one film, director Sandeep Vanga proved what it takes to become a happening celebrity. His "Arjun Reddy" is declared the best and it won him accolades as well as offers. Also, that got him the attention of Ram Gopal Varma too.

Other day Sandeep met Varma and the duo spent a good time at lunch and dinner. Guess what, this young director has even the narrated the story of his next to Varma at his meeting. That is worrying fans of Arjun Reddy film right now.

These days Varma lost his judgmental skills and that's how his films are turning up as duds at the box office. Under his guidance, even some brightest makers like Puri Jagan are also scoring only flops, criticizes film lovers. At this point, if talented young director Sandeep falls in Varma's net this way, what would he deliver in his next? That's the question worrying Sandeep's admirers.

Some say that Sandeep has the capability to narrate the story to many and listen to their inputs but finally ends up making what he thinks will suit the content. That's how he made Arjun Reddy, they say.

Anyway, just meeting Varma and narrating the story to him will not spoil any, if at all the content created is so strong and workable.

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