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Talk: Anushka Rejecting All The Matches Because..

Earlier heroines used to think that after crossing 30 years of age, they will lose their strengths to bag offers, and hence they used to get married and settle down. But now, age became a number, truly.

The likes of Nayantara (33 years of age), Trisha (35), Shriya (35), Kajal (32) are continuing as busy actors even after crossing the coveted 30 mark, so is Anushka who is 36 years old. Recently Shriya and Trisha confirmed that they will continue acting even after getting married. While only Shriya got married in this senior heroines gang, others are still busy with work.

Reports have that Anushka Shetty's family members are looking at various prospects for her and some rich businessmen from her Tulu community came forward to win her hand in marriage. But all of them are said to be laying condition that Anushka should do a Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit. Those starlets have cut themselves from arc lights and greasepaint the moment they tied the knot.

Hurt by this demand as her heart is desiring to continue in acting no matter what, Anushka is said to be rejecting all the proposals. Probably a husband who would not worry about her acting assignments even after marriage is the ideal man she's looking for. Anyone there?

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