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Talk Of TN: Vishal’s Rs.1 Donation

Talk Of TN: Vishal’s Rs.1 Donation
Actor Vishal Reddy, who has time and again strove and fought for the welfare of farmers, has now started a noble initiative for their sake.

The actor has announced that Rs.1 from every ticket bought for his latest film “Thupparivaalan” across the theatres in Tamil Nadu, will be donated to farmers of the state. If the film is watched by 1 Cr people in Tamil Nadu in its full run, he will donate Rs.1 Cr to the farmers’ welfare. Pegged to be a detective thriller, “Thupparivaalan” hit screens today, September 14.

Vishal’s thoughtful initiative has been welcomed by industry people as well as general audiences. Many producers are expected to follow Vishal’s initiative to help out farmers. It is heard that Vishal will implement this kind gesture for all his films in future.

In the past, Vishal has actively participated in the farmers protests, he even met the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and urged him to resolve the issues of Tamil Nadu farmers.

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