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Wednesday 19 September, 2018, 9:42 am

Talk: Sai Pallavi's Behaviour on Sets

Talk: Sai Pallavi's Behaviour on Sets
Sai Pallavi is apparently extremely professional when it comes to her work. Inside talk is that she is always on time to shooting spot and is very disciplined, punctual. As she is currently shooting for Sharwanand and Hanu Raghavapudi film in Kolkata, she said to have visited famous Kalighat Kali Temple at 5.30 AM in the morning and returned to the sets by 6 AM as the film's shoot is at 7 AM in the morning.

The unit people are said to be shocked over her maintenance of time and her passion towards work. It's learnt that she is also very god-fearing.

The unit people divulge that the Fidaa beauty is very cooperative and not a single problem she 'created' and hence they all feel that she is very comfortable to work with. However, all said and done, Sai Pallavi is also said to be charging huge for a film and industry people feel that she is worth as many are coming to her films to see her acting prowess thus she's bringing revenues to her films.

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