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Wednesday 26 April, 2017, 7:12 pm

Tamanna love affair unofficially official

Tamanna love affair unofficially official
Tamanna has made her entry to films more than a decade ago and little did we hear about her name linked to anyone. She has kept her slate clean off controversies for many years, and it's laudable.

But ever since she did the bilingual Abhinetri with Prabhu Deva, things changed on that front and people are linking her name with the director.

Even though the movie turned out a dud the duo is doing a Hindi remake of Hollywood thriller Hush. The two will be playing protagonist and antagonist in the remake though.

Either Prabhu Deva or Tamanna have to clarify on the rumours and doubts and until then we cant take the relationship official, no matter how strong the grapevine is going to be!

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