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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:58 pm

Tamanna Team up with Young Hero

Tamanna Team up with Young Hero
Hero Sundeep Kishan is a talented and dedicated actor. He has been signing projects and releasing his movies back to back. No one knows about when the shootings of his movies are stating. As per the latest reports Sundeep Kishan has already completed shooting a movie with Tamannaah. We can say that this film has an interesting combination.

The producer is none other than Sachin Joshi who struggled a lot to become hero in Tollywood. Till now the actor used to produce his own movies and starred in them. Tamannaah who is currently enjoying the star status in Tollywood is playing the female lead in that. The actress has shared the screen with almost all the top heroes in Tollywood. She is also doing a movie with Kalyan Ram. So, this is her second upcoming project in Telugu.

There is also another attraction in this movie which is none other than the director Kunal Kohli. He is a Bollywood director and he is making his Tollywood debut with this film. Despite having popular names like Sundeep Kishan, Tamannaah, Kunal Kohli and Sachin Joshi the shooting of the movie is completed without any buzz and the team is currently looking after the post production works.

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